"Another hole in the book: A lack of insight into the ugly, corrupting forces of advertising, the last days of big major-label money and for-hire “hitmen”/radio consultants on the music. How is it that the name of notorious local Jeff McClusky doesn’t appear even once? “There were a lot of different directions I could have steered the book in,” VanOsdol said. “But I decided to keep the focus more on the culture of the station than the business of the station.”"

One could argue McClusky had a HUGE influence on the station, as did many Major Label dollars throughout the years. Look, I like Q101 at the outset but it was only a “rebel” for an insanely brief period. Overall, Q101 was one of the primary hammers driving a stake through the heart of the “alternative nation” from the outset. Jim DeRogatis on James VanOsdol’s book about Q101 | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

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