"People in advertising—creatives, and usually not the good ones—tend to shun away the account people and the strategists. They just think that all those people have to share is really dumb and that it’ll confuse their beautiful minds. But there was this planner who looked it up and said, “Do you guys realize that 85% of the people who buy this body wash are women or the significant others of men? They’re the ones who actually buy it.” When this factoid came up we started kicking around the idea of talking directly to women. That’s when Craig, my old partner, said, “Look at your man. Now look at me…” Most commercials you think about visually. But that one came out as a radio script—30 seconds of what a macho guy would be saying. Then we just thought, well what if you see what the guy says. In the back of our minds we had this idea, Oh my gosh, I think this doable in one take, which it ended up being."

I love account people and strategists. I literally couldn’t do my job well without them and any creative who disdains those members of their team is doomed to fail. And kind of an idiot.

Confuse their beautiful minds my ass.

[via The Old Spice Ad Guru Talks Super Bowl Commercials « The FADER]

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